All about that Base....Face

Do you have a general, "when I wear make up these are my basics that I always do for my face" type of routine? You know, before you do any other type of variation on eye looks, lip colors, etc., that is pretty consistent? I do and thought I'd share with you what that is! When you hear me refer to my 'base face' this will be what I mean. 🧡

All SeneGence products are used in my base face


Any face look starts with good skincare! My 'always' products don't vary. They are tried and true and always are there for any good skincare should be. I add things from time to time, but these don't ever vary.

  1. 3in1 Cleanser - Dry formula

  2. Climate Control

  3. Daytime Moisturizer - Dry formula


If you want your foundation to look flawless, a good primer is a must! I use MakeSense Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer.

You put it on your face applied in a downward motion. WHAT? YEP! Your pores open upwards, so THIS downward motion ensures that your “canvas” is perfect when finished – filling in any flaws in your skin. So different from the always upward you and I were always taught right?. Everything else skin-wise? Yep go up! Primer? Down to fill in those pores in.

Foundation/Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

Typically, I use Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer for most every day as a foundation. It works great to cancel out the red and give me a nice even coverage that is medium and fresh looking. If I am wanting extra coverage, I'll use the MakeSense Foundation for a full coverage look.


It's nice to have options for things! I use SenseCosmetics Light Color Correcting Concealer or Candlelight ShadowSense to fix any dark spots or to do any extra coverage where needed. Depending on your skin tone, you can use other shades of the concealer or ShadowSense.

Under Eye Brightening

I use either a mix of light/white SenseCosmetics Color Correcting Concealer, Whisper Pink ShadowSense, or a mix of Candlelight/Snow ShadowSense.


My favorite thing to contour with for my skin tone is MakeSense Deep Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer. In this video I use MakeSense Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation in Coffee. There are colors that run lighter or darker depending on your skin tone, I love the variation in colors!


99% of the time I use ShadowSense as blush. It works SO well! Not only is it super easy to use, it is going to last me all day long. I do also use BlushSense from time to time, but most often, it is ShadowSense for all things blush for me!


My FAVORITE part of the "Base Face" is the highlight! MakeSense Pearlizer gives a luminescent glow that makes you look youthful and bright. (I love using Pearlizer in my lotion too!). You can put it all over your face for a dewy look, or as I use it in the video, on your cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and upper lip. You can even put it under your eyebrow for a pop of illumination there. Experimentation with Pearlizer can have you coming up with some creative ways to look sultry (try it on your shoulders or cleavage!)

Let me know what you use for your base face, or ask any questions. I'm happy to help!

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