Champagne Smoke Eyes and Red Ruby Lips (Video Tutorial)

When you combine some champagne🥂 looking shadows, with a little charcoal looking shadow and a red lip 👄you look fancy without a lot of work! 💄Red Ruby is one of my favorite red lip colors with its metallic bright finish. So gorgeous! 😍

In this video I demonstrate a ShadowSense eye look, LipSense application, Pearlizer (LOVE), and Silver Rose Translucid Powder.



  1. When using ShadowSense with shimmer or glitter, I try to keep it lower on my lid. I find that when you have mature skin, shimmers look best if you keep them from about your mid lid (or just slightly above depending on the amount of 'real estate' you have on your lid) down to your lower lid. I try to avoid putting it at or just below my brow. Keeps the eyes looking more youthful!

  2. When putting shadow on the outer corners of your eye, try to angle slightly up on the corner. Like a 'checkmark' ✅ vs a straight line. This keeps your eyes from looking 'droopy'.

  3. Pearlizer is QUEEN! She can improve your look with a splash of subtle highlight/illumination just about anywhere you want it. In this video I show the main places I put it. Upper cheek, nose, upside down triangle on forehead, cupids bow (upper lip) and chin. Really, Pearlizer deserves its own amazing tribute post! (Adds to list of to-dos) 😍

  4. A bright bold lip looks great with this more subtle eye look. Red lips with blue undertones give your teeth a brighter, whiter look.


Video Tutorial

In this Video I'm Wearing:

❤Eyes: Buttercream Shimmer, Champagne Shimmer, Onyx

❤Lips: Red Ruby LipSense and Glossy Gloss

❤Face: Buff MakeSense Foundation, Toasted Rose BlushSense, Pearlizer MakeSense as Highlight, Natural Translucid Powder and Silver Rose Powder

❤Brows: Smoked Topaz ShadowSense

❤Lashes: Base of SeneGence VolumeIntense Mascara Black, then Glamnetic*Vegan Vixen lashes with Deep Space Felt Tip Eyeliner. (*I am not affiliated with Glamnetic)

All SeneGence items available at this LINK

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