Cosmetics-Pro Brush Set

SeneGence Cosmetic Brushes? YES we have them! This is so exciting. Have you ever wondered which brushes to use? Have you ever wondered if SeneGence has brushes? We do now! Introducing the Cosmetic-Pro Brush Set from SeneGence! A 10 piece synthetic brush collection that is not made with any animal by-products, made with renewable materials, and works amazingly well with SeneGence cream and powder cosmetics.

Here's details on the 10 brushes:

As these are a supply item, they are only available thru me directly, not online - so please text me at 507.668.0068 or email at - if you'd like them and I'll grab them in my next order.

$40 USD + $15 Shipping & Handling


-Jenn 💋

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