Creamer is here to stay - I'm ecstatic about it!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

When SeneGence released Creamer LipSense as part of the Café Collection a couple of years ago, I had no idea I was going to fall head over heels for it. It was absolutely the perfect nude lip and I wore it often. Then, it sold out, and my favorite nude lip color ended up in my 'retired colors' collection. That's a sad space for my colors! I don't like to tease you all with colors you can't wear, so there they sit. Waiting to shine.

You can image my excitement when SeneGence announced recently that Creamer LipSense was back, and not just for a limited time, but was now added to our permanent line! I'm over the moon happy about it.

Why I Love it So Much

Creamer is beautiful. Hands down my ultimate favorite nude lip color. Why?

1. Creamer is neutral: Creamer is a nude beige that doesn't appear to lean cool or warm. This means it is going to look amazing on any skin tone.

2. Creamer is perfect for layering: If you have a color that you want to 'tone down' a bit, Creamer works amazingly well as a middle layer or top layer to tone down that color a smidge.

3. Creamer is a great base: Want to do a ShadowSense color on your lips? It always works best with a layer of LipSense underneath it. Creamer makes a perfect 'base' color for ShadowSense on your lips.

4. Creamer is my GLUE color: Do you have a GLUE color, or do you know what it is yet? A glue color is a color that sticks to you no matter what based on your body's pH level. For me, Creamer stays on so well. So, if I have a color that breaks down faster, I put on Creamer as my base coat, and then voila! My color lasts so much longer.

5. Creamer is perfect to show off your gloss: I am LOVING wearing the matte gloss colors over my Creamer LipSense. I feel like with my skin tone, the Creamer LipSense creates an even lip color that shows off the gloss so well. Where my natural lip can have varying shades, the Creamer is a great base to even my lip color and then showcase the glosses that I'm so in love with.

So if you're looking for a nude lip color, I highly recommend this shade!

You can pick up your Creamer LipSense HERE.

If you ever need any suggestions, you can email or send me a text at 507.668.0068.

-Jenn 💋

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