Enchanted Forest ShadowSense Collection

Updated: Feb 18

🧚‍♂️OMG!!!! My fairy dreams are coming true!

Enchanted Forest ShadowSense Collection is the ethereal boost your summer needs. It is PERFECTION! Look at these!

Forest Mist Shimmer: A shimmering, smokey green. This green is so sultry and smokey. I'm not usually a fan of green, but this looks positively gorgeous!

Amulet Shimmer: A shimmering burgundy. Look at this color. Just LOOK - isn't it beautiful? Pics on eyes below.

Fairy Dust Shimmer: A subtle shimmer that shifts from peach to pink. I'm sooooo excited for the Fairy Dust Shimmer with a SHIFT from peach to pink, I mean HELLO gorgeous!

The collection includes the absolute cutest green glitter and design zippered bag. I mean, what is not to like here?

Collection Pricing $66 regular client/$59.40 Kiss & Tell

Individual Pricing: $22 regular client/$19.80 Kiss & Tell

Order Online HERE, text ORDER to 507.668.0068, or email jenn@jenn-nyberg.com

Order now before these disappear into the aether!

-Jenn 💋

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