January 2021 - Monthly Summary

What a great start to 2021! We had such a fabulous month of new launches, client specials, and distributor sign ups.

New Launches & Updates

Recently Sold Out

Client Specials (thru 01/31/2021)

Free Distributor Sign Ups (thru 01/31/2021)

Start your own business for $0 this month. I'm really excited because I am building out a portal online just for my team! That will be coming soon, in the meantime, onboarding is still smooth, and we can get you going right now and at YOUR pace. If you want to join up and have me sponsor you, I'd be happy to support you! Click here to start your own journey today.

Models Needed

I'm still working toward my Makeup Artist Certification and need some virtual faces. My deadline is coming up and I need your help! Be an online model, no products necessary to purchase. Click here to sign up and see details.

Skincare Accountability Challenge Group - Sign Up Now to Participate!

I don't know about you, but I definitely need some skincare accountability! Come take part in a challenge to take care of your skin. The challenge will run from February 22nd-26th. You can either participate thru Facebook, or you can just participate thru text with me. If you need samples, I've got you covered. It is a $10 fee to join, which doesn't cover the cost, but I didn't want it to be too crazy. Let me know you'd like to join in and we'll get you set up! If you have all of the products, the cost is free. If you only need a couple, we can chat about what that looks like for you too.


  1. 2 Skincare Collection Sample Packs (dry, normal to dry, normal to oily)

  2. 2 Climate Control Single Packs

  3. 1 Lip Balm/LipSmooth Conditioning Polish Sample Pack

  4. 1 Fooops Remover Wipe Sample

  5. 1 Facial Cloth

  6. 1 Beauty Book with personalized recommendations

  7. Chocolates from me 🧡

Let me know if you'd like to participate! Text SKIN to 507.668.0068 to sign up.

Mega Party Coming! Valentine's Day Weekend

Have you ever done a mega event with us? Oh my goodness they are SO fun and the prizes are always crazy good. If you'd like to participate in this free Facebook event, please text RSVP to 507.668.0068. Thank you!

Text me at 507.668.0068 or visit my shopping link to place your end of month orders. Thank you!

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