Lip Tip #2: Do I really need three layers of LipSense? (Video)

So what is the scoop, do you really need three layers of LipSense? Well if you want your color to outlast your day, the best way is to follow the science of the three layers and go ahead and put on all three of them. So the short answer is, "yes".

But WHY?

LipSense works best when it is three layers like a sandwich. You have your bottom layer (your bottom piece of bread), your middle layer (the PB & J), and your third layer (the top piece of bread). The middle piece is the most important part! The middle is the GLUE that holds it all together. It is the PB & J, the essence of keeping the color on.

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Layer 1: Can be broken down by the body's pH level

Your body's natural chemistry can break down your color simply by being on your lips. The natural pigments can metabolize. This varies by color and by person.

Layer 3: Can be broken down by the environment (we'll get to layer 2 in a moment):

This is everything that touches your lips. Saliva, food, coffee, water, cups, kiddos, significant others, licking your lips, all of the things where your lips come into contact with the environment come into play here. (P.S. Gloss helps with this too!)

Layer 2: The Magic Layer - The GLUE

This is the layer that keeps it all together, the GLUE. It is the part that protects the bottom layer from the body's natural pH and metabolism, and the top from the environment. It is the most crucial layer for all day color wear.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Topic

What if I don't like to wear three layers?

That's OK - there's no rules or anything 😃 Just know that your color won't last as long. And that's ok. If you prefer a lighter tone, maybe wear a lighter shade in the middle layer to sandwich in between two darker shades (CREAMER LipSense is a great choice for this). It will lighten your color a bit to where you'd like it, and it will give you that magical middle layer that will give you all day wearing color.

Can I do MORE than three layers?

Yes! I do often with darker colors that maybe need a 'spot' check to get those rich tones. The KEY with doing MORE than three layers, is to keep them thin. If you put your LipSense on too thick you'll end up with your color chunking off. No one wants that!

Do you have any other questions? Please leave them in the comments - I'm happy to answer!


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