Lip Tip #3: Do I really need a starter kit? (Video)

Are you new to LipSense or have you ever thought, do I REALLY need that whole starter kit? Why do I need to use the LipSense gloss vs my regular gloss? Why do I need a remover? This post is here to help explain the reason behind the SYSTEM of LipSense and why you do need the starter kit (or starter collection it is also called).

The LipSense System

1. The Color: LipSense goes on as a liquid and bonds to your lips (see lip tip #2). Once you put on your color, that liquid is going to dry. It doesn't even feel like lipstick at this point.

2. The Gloss: LipSense gloss goes on top of your color and provides a SEAL to that color and gives you hydration with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. There is no wax in LipSense or the LipSense Gloss. Wax will actually break down your color! Our vegan non-wax gloss is made with a permeable shea butter that will penetrate your lip color, going down deep into your lip tissue and will provide moisture to your lips while sealing your color at the same time. NOW your lip color feels normal. You can feel the moisture and feel a more 'lipstick' type of texture. Read More

3. The Remover: Ooops! Remover is designed to break down the bond on the lip that comes with the LipSense color application. Ooops! does this with an oil base made with vitamins A, C and E. This formula will gently remove your color without damaging your lip tissue. You can damage your lip tissue by using other products or scrubbing at your lips. No one wants that! Not to mention, what if you make a mistake!?! How on earth are you going to get that color off? (see demonstration in the video above). Your Ooops! Remover will fix those mistakes and you can rest easy knowing that you don't have lip color all up the side of your face 💋

The Bottom Line

I want you to love your LipSense. I really do. Doing this business...I do it because I want to help empower women. If you want to make a statement and wear a bold color, I want to help you wear that color with confidence knowing that you are set for the whole day and you don't have to worry about checking the mirror every hour. If you don't use the LipSense Gloss or the Ooops! Remover, ultimately, you're not going to have a good experience with LipSense. Why would we want that? We wouldn't would we? You loving your color, and loving how it makes you look and FEEL is what this is all about.

So, yes. The kit is worth it. Because YOU are worth it. 💋💋💋


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