Lip Tip #4 Lip Recipes and Layering for Custom Shades (video)

One of the coolest things about using a liquid lip color, is the fun fact that you can layer different colors or premix colors together in order to create gorgeous custom shades. Three different colors can create 27 unique shades. Isn't that amazing? This really opens up the door to creativity and expanding your color options without spending too much money.


Pick any three shades, and layer them in different orders, and number of layers and you will have 27 different color options (see pic). I've done this so many times. Often, I'll do it if there is a color that I have on that maybe doesn't look 'quite right' for my look that day.

  1. Layer for different tones: If a color doesn't seem to 'match' the rest of my makeup that day, I'll pick up a color that is in the tone that I'm looking for and put that over the top of my color and voila! New shade.

  2. Layer to tone down the bright shades: I spoke about this in my 'Creamer' post on how Creamer is a great color to tone down other colors. If your color seems too loud for your taste, put a layer of something lighter over the top to soften it up.

  3. Layer to add depth to a color: If your color seems a little too light, add a layer of Nude or Bella LipSense to deepen it a bit.

  4. Layer for shimmer: Add a shimmer shade on top of a matte color to give it a little sparkle. Permanent line colors Bombshell, Beige Champagne, Cappuccino, or Pink Champagne work amazingly well for this!

  5. Layer to be creative: Just play around and see what combinations you can come up with to change up your color options!

Pre-Mixing Colors

Pre-mixing Colors

The color possibilities are virtually endless for premixing your colors. Create your very own custom shades in just a few simple steps! (see video for demonstration).

What Supplies You'll Need:

  1. Plastic tattoo rings. There are so many options. Here are what I bought off of Amazon and use in the video.

  2. Disposable lip applicators (see note).

  3. LipSense Colors.

Note on the disposable lip applicators: I don't have recommendations for these as I buy mine direct from SeneGence. The ones that I have bought off of Amazon would work for MIXING purposes only. As I discuss in the video do NOT put these applicators INSIDE your LipSense or Gloss tubes as they almost always break off inside the tube. The ones we as distributors can buy from SeneGence don't do this, but I don't see them anywhere else for sale. If you're just using disposable applicators for mixing your colors, you're fine to use whatever brand/style you like and avoid putting them into the tube of color directly. If you are putting them inside your color (which I don't know why you would unless you're a distributor who is using it for a tester) you'll need a SeneGence tester applicator. Let me know if you need these for any reason.

Mixing Your Recipe

Now you're ready to mix your color!

1. Take your tattoo ring and put it sideways on your finger so as not to spill (see video at 2:52 mark)

2. Scrape your color wand on the side of your tattoo ring. Be sure to scrape on one side of the ring only. That way when you put in your next color you don't pick up any of the first color onto the wand and mix it up into your tube of LipSense.

3. Put the number of 'units' you need for your recipe into the tattoo cup. Dip your wand into your color, scrape the color off in full, that = 1 unit. So if you have a lip recipe that is 1:1 ratio, then you will use equal parts of each color. If you have a 2:1 ratio you will do two parts to one part, etc.

4. Now use that disposable applicator to mix your color. Be careful, your cup will be full of color.

5. Use a disposable applicator to apply your LipSense from the tattoo ring cup in three thin layers .

6. Top with your favorite gloss and you're ready to go!

The number of units you will need is going to vary by the texture of the colors and the size of your lips. I usually need about 6 units of a color to make three layers. So if I need 6 units and I have a color recipe that is a 1:1 ratio, I'll use 3 units of each color to make 6 full units. If I have a recipe that is a 2:1 ratio, I'll use 4 of one and 2 of the other.

1:1 Mix of B.Ruby and Violet Volt (topped with Glossy Gloss and Mauve Velvet Matte Gloss)

I hope that this info is helpful to you! I'd love to hear about your color creations. Any questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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Thank you!

-Jenn 💋

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