LipSense - What is it? (Video Tutorial)

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Have you ever heard of LipSense? What's the big deal about it anyway? I found out about LipSense in October of 2017 - at the time, I though it was too good to be true. There's a lip color that doesn't smudge off? It lasts all day? I couldn't believe it was real. I was in a party online and kept watching this one video over and over again of ladies doing various things while wearing their color. They were smooching kiddos, drinking wine, eating hamburgers, brushing their teeth, putting clean white sweaters on their lips, and this stuff did not budge....needless to say, I was immediately hooked.

LipSense is a lip color that is long-wearing (up to 18 hours), smudge-proof, waterproof, it is vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher, and is cruelty-free. NO animal testing at all. There's no wax, no lead, and it is made with 98% natural ingredients. Color with a conscience 😃

LipSense works in a system:

  1. Color - pick your color. Any color - a great starter color is Bella for everyone.

  2. Gloss - a gloss is needed to seal your color and to provide moisture (Glossy Gloss is best for newbies as it is the most hydrating).

  3. Remover - gentle remover to fix any mistakes (that's why it's called Ooops! Remover) or to remove safely at the end of the day.

How to Apply:

  1. Make sure your lips are clean and dry.

  2. Shake your LipSense tube very well. Very very well. The natural pigments can separate, so this part is important.

  3. Pull the wand out of the tube and scrape off the excess lip color.

  4. Part your lips, keep them parted during the full application process.

  5. Starting at the corner of your mouth, swipe your color on in one direction. Avoid swiping back and forth.

  6. Keep lips parted and allow to dry about 5 seconds.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have done three layers of the color.

  8. Be sure to cover the entire lip with color.

  9. Once your color is completely dry, top generously with your gloss.

  10. Press your lips together to get the permeable shea and vitamin E gloss through your color and into your lips.

  11. Reapply the gloss as needed for moisture throughout the day.

How to Remove:

1. Remove excess gloss with a cloth or tissue.

2. Remove the wand from your Ooops! Remover.

3. Wipe the tip of the wand on your index finger to get the Ooops! Remover on your finger.

4. Rub your index finger on your lips.

5. Rub your lips together until they start feeling 'gummy', about 30 seconds.

6. Use a cloth or makeup remover wipe (I use a makeup remover wipe) to wipe off your color.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 until your color is removed.

8. Follow up with LipSmooth Conditioning Polish to remove excess dead skin and to moisturize.

9. Apply LipSense Moisturizing Balm or LipVolumizer.

I prefer using the Ooops! Remover on my finger to take of the LipSense vs putting the wand directly on my lips. This helps to keep the Ooops! Remover clean. Otherwise it can get discolored. Or I like to say 'janky'.

The Newbie Experience:

  1. Exfoliation: When you first start using LipSense, your lips may go through an exfoliation phase. This is because our lips get so 'thirsty' from using wax products and need some moisture! The fact that LipSense is wax free, and the gloss is full of shea and vitamin E, our lips just drink in the moisture. As a result, your lips may be exfoliating as they are shedding off dead lip tissue, and revealing fresh, hydrated lip tissue underneath. It may seem like your color isn't lasting long and that your lips are peeling. This is the exfoliation. This will pass! Just keep glossing, and if necessary, you may want to remove and then reapply your color mid day if you are finding your color isn't there at lunch-time or early afternoon.

  2. The Tingle: Also as a newbie, you may find that the first time you put on your LipSense that your lips have a tingling sensation. This is the cosmetic grade alcohol in the lip color. Since our lips are more likely dry (see above about exfoliation) your lips may feel this tingle. This passes as soon as the alcohol evaporates and leaves behind the color. Once you've used LipSense one or two times, you shouldn't have this issue any longer since your lips will be more hydrated.

I hope that this is helpful! I'll add more tips in future posts! Feel free to ask any questions or drop some tips of your own in the comments.

Now go enjoy your long wearing LipSense Lip Color 💋

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