Natural Nude ShadowSense Collection

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I'm so excited to share that our Natural Nude ShadowSense Collection has arrived! Features three shadows, including two colors that were limited edition and now are here to STAY! YAY!

These natural nude shades will help connect you into the earth with the natural earthy energy of brown tones.

✅Americano ShadowSense: Part of that popular Cafe Collection a couple of years ago (like French Roast ShadowSense & Creamer LipSense!) this terra cotta brown color with a matte finish now has a home on our permanent line.

✅ Natural Tan ShadowSense: Pure natural beige color also now has a home on our permanent line! This color mixes awesome with Rustic Brown to create a custom brow shade that my daughter loves.

✅ NEW! Clove ShadowSense: This medium neutral brown with a semi matte finish is here for a limited time. Collection comes in the CUTEST tan zippered bag.

Add these to your collection today! Text ORDER to 507.668.0068 or click HERE to order online.

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