Satin Matte Rose Petal Gloss Duo

My friend, I have to tell you, matte glosses are my FAVORITE glosses - I love the smooth satin finish. Buttery soft! Now we have new colors to choose from...and they are mauve tones! HOLD ME BACK 😂

Satin Matte Rose Petal Gloss Duo is here!

The full size darling duo of beautifully tinted hues comes in the beloved satin matte formula for a hint of color and a kiss of rich moisture. Suitable for gifting for all ages, these velvety, rose petal-inspired glosses are worthy of all of our adoration. Let’s face it; you’re going to want the whole bouquet. I've already added these to my cart, LOL.

🌹 New! Mauve Velvet Matte: A soft mauve-violet shade with a smooth satin matte finish.

🌹 New! Rose Petal Matte: A soft pink shade with a velvety satin matte finish.

Purchase the duo and receive a pink zippered bag! So CUTE!


Kiss and Tell Preferred Clients $36

All other clients $40

As always, thank you so very much for your support of my business!

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