Seminar 2021 First Impressions - Unboxing (Video)

All of the new goodies showed up yesterday and I had to pop online and do a video quick to show you! 👏

It is SO hard to pick a favorite out of everything, as each are so different from the other and they all have something that I love about them! 🧡

So far here's my take:

  1. Cosmetics Pro Brushes: I'm OBSESSED with the brushes. Wait until you see the video below and see the quality. Not only are they incredibly soft, they are chock full of bristles, so you don't 'waste' product. They help you use less product as you apply so your product lasts longer.

  2. Overnight Lip Mask: I tried this for the first time last night (video coming!) and my lips this morning feel so moisturized, plump and soft. As with everything we have, you barely need any of this. So the container should last you quite a while. My recommendation is to use this right before bed, so keep it on your night stand. Try not to eat smells and tastes so good! Made from watermelon 🍉- and you can taste and smell it. It's absolutely divine!

  3. NeoTight Revitalizing Eye Serum: This product is all you need for eyes in one product (winning!). I tried it last night for the first time - admittedly I was a little scared because my eyes have gotten a little sensitive to things recently! I had no issues whatsoever, and today I used it again in my morning skincare routine. I do already see a difference in the puffiness under my eyes and the crepiness on my lids. I'll keep you posted on this - so far? I'm loving the results in just two uses!

  4. Roxstar LipSense: This really is the perfect shade for summer! Pink/Coral with a matte finish, I'm loving how this looks!

  5. Translucent Loose Powders: These. Are. Amazing! The new packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the design with the screw off lid and then protective mesh cover. You use a brush to just tap the slightest bit of product onto your brush and apply where desired. And I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the powder brush from the Cosmetic-Pro set for this!

Here's me seeing everything for the first time - if you haven't already, could you take a second to watch this on YouTube and subscribe to my channel? That helps me in the algorithms and puts me closer to being monetized on YouTube. Thank you!

Love these and want to have them? Click here to shop now - except the brushes! Those you need to text me at 507.668.0068 or send me an email to

I'd love to have you tell me what you think or drop your questions in the comments - thank you!

-Jenn 💋

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