The Hummingbird

A couple of years ago in early summer 2019 I saw a shaman. I had never done that before, but felt drawn to do so. I felt that I needed more insight into the etheric and to clear out energy to make way for new growth, to grow into my true self. At the end of the session, she told me that initially, she thought she saw hummingbirds flying around me. She said she later realized that there were hummingbirds, and there were also faeries. That the Fae were there to remind me to laugh, to not take myself and life too seriously. After this encounter, I became fascinated with all things hummingbird and faeries.

A few months later that same year, we took a trip to Duluth, Minnesota with friends. While there, on our last day, we visited a shop that creates hand blown glass. They had these beautiful blown glass hummingbirds, and I absolutely had to have one. I found the perfect beautiful sky-blue winged hummingbird with a crimson face, golden yellow beak, and a forest green tail. She had to have a home with me and to be near me daily.

I took my newly purchased hummingbird, carefully wrapped in her paper, and brought her home. After she made it home safely, I had to put her up right away. We didn't have any clear string, but fly she must. So, hastily, I put her up on a hemp jewelry string above my desk. I had intentions of updating to a clear string quickly, but life took over and this lost priority.

I have been looking at my blown glass hummingbird we picked up from Duluth, Minnesota a year and a half ago already now, quite a lot recently. She has been happily flying over my desk facing toward me, not looking out the window this whole time. Recently though, I've thought I need to get to the business of updating her situation. I've been looking at her there, flying on her string, thinking she deserved better.

Then it happened. I received a nudge. A message. A single word. A single word sentence used in a monthly message brought forth by my friend, Lisa Gunshore.


That's it, the one word. Singular.


Like a bolt of lightning struck, I knew right then. Jenn, it's time to tend to your hummingbird. So it happened. I left the quiet of my home, ventured out to the local Hobby Lobby, and picked up my prize. Clear elastic for jewelry. Treasure in hand, I came home, grabbed a foot stool, immediately cut a strip, and carefully hung up my beautiful sky-blue winged hummingbird.

I noticed that as I let the clear elastic free from my hands, my hummingbird, she flew around. Free. Back and forth, spinning forward and out. She flew there for several minutes, waiting for the string to quiet itself. To find her natural resting point. She found it.

My hummingbird, she is now CLEAR.

She isn't on a murky muddy string, unsure of where she is going, facing inward.

Now she is clear.

And you know what?

Now she is naturally flying...looking OUT the window.

Looking ahead. Ready to soar. She is free.

That hummingbird?

She is me.


Thank you to Lisa Gunshore and the ajatakasa community for the message.

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