Translucent Loose Powders

Have you used our powder but were oh so confused by the travel brush? You're not alone my friend! No more tap-tap-tapping as our powders not only come in a convenient new package, but include new shades!

The new packaging features a mesh grated lid that will allow you to place your SeneGence Cosmetics-Pro brush on the top to lift the perfect amount of product to place where you want it. Look at the beautiful gold lids, aren't they gorgeous? These have an amazing mattifying effect in the Deep, Light, Medium and Translucent shades and a shimmer finish in the Bronze Dust and Silver Rose shades. Photo finish without the filter 📷

Key Ingredients:

Corn Starch: A fine powder that helps to mattify and absorb shine

Kaolin: A finely ground clay that absorbs perspiration

SenePlex+® and SenePeptide™: Provide nourishing, hydrating, and anti-aging benefits to the skin

Allantonin: Promotes skin smoothness

Deep: A neutral sheer tinted finish on deep skin tones

Light: A neutral sheer tinted finish on light skin tones

Medium: A neutral sheer tinted finish on medium skin tones

Translucent: A sheer colorless setting shade that is versatile enough for a variety of skin tones

Bronze Dust: A tinted shimmering bronze shade that makes a stunning bronzer or blush

Silver Rose: A tinted shimmering mauve pink shade that makes a beautiful radiant blush

These have me all kinds of excited, how about you?

Client Pricing: $50

Kiss & Tell Preferred Client: $45

Available to order THREE ways:

  • Online HERE

  • Text me at 507.668.0068

  • Email


-Jenn 💋

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